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Patrick is a columnist for SmartCEO and regularly contributes to Huffington Post, CEO MagazineChief Executive, and Success Magazine. For press inquiries, please contact Bryant Hall.


Featured Podcasts


Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth with Patrick Thean

Bradley Hammer &
Patrick Thean

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Set Great Goals, Execute Correctly, And Win – with Patrick Thean

Matt Wolah &
Patrick Thean

Artificial Intelligence has become ubiquitous throughout the years, sparking discussions about its implications for various industries. Despite AI’s prominence, goal setting remains paramount in driving success for software businesses.


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The Rhythm of Excellence: How Consistent Habits Lead to Extraordinary Results with Patrick Thean

Tim Winders &
Patrick Thean

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Achieving Success Through Effective Execution

Dan Cockerell &
Patrick Thean

Identifying core values, achieving clarity, and fostering accountability is undeniably important within organizations. My conversation with Patrick Thean, an expert in helping CEOs and teams overcome barriers to success, emphasizes their significance. Those things should not merely be words on a wall but rather true behavioral patterns that are believed in and practiced.

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The Thean Doctrine: Building Rhythm Systems

Dana Williams &
Patrick Thean

Are you making an impact in your work each day? On episode 74 of Dominate Your Day, Patrick Thean delves into the topic of assisting leaders in accomplishing their dreams through the implementation of rhythm and systems. By incorporating rhythm systems, individuals can enhance their ability to think, plan, and execute tasks with unwavering focus, clarity, and alignment. 

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How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth with Patrick Thean

Kevin Eikenberry &
Patrick Thean

To effectively manage the chaos that often arises in growing organizations, leaders must have the necessary tools and strategies at their disposal. Patrick Thean recently joined Kevin to discuss the concept of rhythm and its ability to provide a framework for handling chaos. 

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How to Keep CEOs from Failing with Patrick Thean

Mick Spiers &
Patrick Thean

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Delivering Your Commitments with Patrick Thean

Josh Elledge &
Patrick Thean

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 3.55.47 PM

Creating a Breakthrough Strategy with CEO Coach and Author, Patrick Thean

Jenn DeWall &
Patrick Thean

20 minute Leaders1

20 Minute

Michael Matias &
Patrick Thean

Be brave At Work

Be Brave At Work

Ed Everts &
Patrick Thean

Start w a Win

Start With
a Win

Adam Contos &
Patrick Thean

Systems, Habits, and Disciplines to Accelerate Growth 

Accelerate Your Business

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Diane Helbig &
Patrick Thean

A CEOs Guide
to Not Failing

breakthrough execution

Breakthrough Execution

David Dye &
Patrick Thean

LEADERSHIP Without Losing