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Patrick Thean helps CEOs and their companies navigate challenges, avoid failure and achieve their audacious dreams. He has walked the journey of an Inc 500 CEO and is an award-winning entrepreneur, WSJ and USA Today bestselling author and CEO Coach.


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Patrick Thean

The strategy execution guru uses his simple process of Think Plan Do™ to help companies get their strategies completed.

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Is Your Organization Effective?

Aligning your teams to your strategic plan and hitting goals efficiently should be your #1 priority. 

Take this 5-minute quiz to see where your organization currently stands and what pain points may be hindering your ability to execute. 

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Patrick's Simple Process

Accelerate Your Acievement and Results

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Successful Strategy Execution


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Kaihan Krippendorff

“Patrick offers a tested, proven process for winning in a fast-paced world.”

 -Kaihan Krippendorff, CEO of Outthinker LLC and author of Outthink the Competition
Jack Stack

“Patrick introduced me to a new system to enhance harmony and balance in our companies.”

 -Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holdings Corp and author of The Great Game of Business
Michael Praeger1

“The Rhythm System has been our secret weapon for aligning our company's strategy and teams”

 -Michael Praeger, CEO, AvidXchange (Fintech)
Randy Carr

"The system gave us total alignment with over 800 people in 8 locations.”

 -Randy Carr, CEO, World Emblem (Manufacturing)
Stephen Spinelli, JR

“The system leverages thought, planning, and execution competencies to increase value.”

 -Stephen Spinelli, Jr., PhD, President of Babson College

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In order to burst through each ceiling of complexity and innovate with growth, a company must develop a reliable system that prompts leaders to be proactive and pivot when the need arises.

In this USA today and Wall Street Journal Best Seller, CEOs will learn how to identify and avoid potential setbacks, the system that will propel their business into great execution quarter over quarter, and the inside scoop from growth companies we’ve worked with.

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Patrick's Blog

2023 Annual Planning Process: Brainstorming 20 Ways to Beat the Annual Targets

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Team Planning: How to do Team Planning for Team Focus & Alignment

It’s time to slow down and develop a world-class team execution plan for next year. When we don’t slow down to plan our execution, our..

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Your Priority Areas for the Next Quarter: Effective Goal Examples

A new quarter is starting. It is time to discuss, prioritize and choose your top priorities for the new quarter. How do you do this? How do..

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