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Patrick is a columnist for SmartCEO and contributes regularly to Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, Chief Executive and Sucess Magazine. For press inquiries, please contact Alison Brown at alison@rhythmsystems.com.


Huffington Post

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Patrick Thean is a thought leader in strategic business execution and a successful serial entrepreneur who has started and exited multiple companies. As Founder and CEO of Metasys, Inc., he grew Metasys to a ranking of 151 on the Inc. 500 list.patrick-thean-image

He is best known for helping companies accelerate their growth by focusing on great execution. He is exceptional at getting executive teams and their departments focused, aligned, accountable, and executing as a team to achieve their company objectives. His clients experience breakthroughs using this approach and tools that result in drama-free, accelerated growth. These tools are also part of the curriculum for the Entrepreneur Organization’s world-renowned Entrepreneurs Master’s Program held at MIT, where Patrick served as Program Cochair for seven years. He also chairs a similar program in Malaysia: “Taipan: The Making of Asian Giants.”

Currently a Cofounder and CEO of Rhythm Systems (formerly Gazelles Systems), Patrick is the creator of Rhythm Software. Patrick received his Masters of Engineering and Bachelors of Science in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He was named an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for North Carolina in 1996.

Patrick enjoys digital photography. Happily married for twenty- three years, he is the proud father of two daughters: one who loves dance and the other gymnastics. Patrick supports Samaritan’s Feet, a Christian charity focused on putting ten million pairs of shoes on the feet of ten million children around the world in ten years.


"In the first year, we had a $3.5M turnaround that was the direct result of becoming more focused and aligning our resources. This is only our second year and the process continues to have an exponential impact on our company. Rhythm has been the single most important investment we've made in the last twenty-three years.””

---- Randy Carr, president and CEO of World Emblem International, Inc.

"The system he has designed works! Design the future, put the plan together to realize your future, then implement with impeccable discipline. This is the frame work for the ultimate success story. The process works-- Arbill is living proof."

---- Julie Copeland, president and CEO of Arbill, and chair of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council Forum (2014-2015)

"Complexity is a byproduct of growth, and without proper attention to the right priorities, future growth will likely stall. Patrick helped us define those priorities that are truly driving our business forward making energy and resource allocation simple.”

---- Mike Rans, vice president and general manager of Kinkelder USA